All you need to know about industrial doors

Industrial doors are used as access controls and barriers for the purpose of safeguarding and dividing parts of a commercial building while at the same time facilitating access. They can be used for high visibility and advertising (such as glass storefronts), environmental management, fire protection, rapid access, high-strength security, and fast access. In addition, they can help reduce energy costs and have a favorable effect on ecological issues.

Industrial doors are resistant thanks to their design and the materials from which they are constructed. This makes them resistant to various extremes, including those related to the environment (wind, heat, cold, and dust), security (forced entry), soundproofing, and fire resistance. When choosing and creating the type of door you need for your company, you should consider these factors.


  • Roller shutter doors

A rolling shutter consists of a set of hinged horizontal slats or bars that can move vertically within a frame. It can be operated manually or electrically by means of a photocell, induction loop, motion sensor, or remote control. When security, environmental protection, and access convenience are needed for warehouses or commercial buildings, roll-up doors are often used as an entrance.

  • Sectional overhead doors

By operating vertically and fitting into tight spaces, sectional overhead doors are similar in many ways to roll-up doors.

Larger slats, known as panels, are also used in the construction of sectional overhead doors. The design of the panels allows for the inclusion of visual panels, windows, and door access. In addition, due to their high thermal properties, these doors can serve as an effective environmental control barrier, maintaining the desired temperature for sensitive commercial goods (such as perishables).

  • PVC strip doors

PVC strip curtains or crash doors may be just what you need if your company desires constant access between compartmentalized areas with regular traffic access.

These are specifically designed to facilitate the entry of forklifts, carts, vehicles, or personnel into the controlled access point without having to stop or manually open or close the doors.

So be sure to buy the right industrial door for your company's needs, as there are many more varieties available.